Buy Side

Growth strategy

In M&A engagements we work closely with tech and media companies that are looking for potential acquisition targets in order to accelerate growth.

Tech and media expertise

The Bondo team has extensive expertise in the tech and media industry which allows us to understand the requirements of our clients and clearly identify targets that meet their requirements.

Scouting and long term vision

We have an extensive network in the tech and media space, in Europe, Latam, and in the US. We use our network of contacts and M&A databases to scout for targets in both national and international markets.

phases in which we help you


buy side process

Analyze the documentation available on the sector and identify, together with the company, the potential candidates to explore.
Establish contact with the potential candidates and determine if they are open to a deal.
Assist the company in establishing whether the potential opportunities are of interest and determine the preliminary conditions.
Assist the Company in establishing a dialogue with the key interlocutors identified in the acquisition opportunities.
Advise and prepare the necessary materials to evaluate the Project by the company
Carry out an assessment of the Target company, based on discounted cash flows, multiples of comparables and multiples of relevant transactions.
Advise in the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the acquisition of the Target company.
Coordinate with the company the due diligence of the potential acquisition.
Advise on the closing of the transaction.


If you want more information about BONDO, or if you need us to help you acquire companies, contact us.