Sell side

Maximize value

We work with sellers who are focused on maximizing the value of their businesses in the transaction, but who are also concerned about what happens the day after the deal is signed.

Tech and media expertise

Bondo Advisors specializes in the tech and media space. We understand the importance of the deal structure in companies whose shareholding is typically a combination of founders managing the company, angel investors and venture capital that entered the company in different phases and valuations.

Focus on Stakeholders’ concerns

Post-M&A integration planning and strategy, negotiating reasonable requirements and restrictions on founders, and in general addressing the specific concerns of founders, angel investors and venture capital is a Bondo Advisors’ specialty..

Phases where Bondo advises in the sales process


SELL SIDE process

Financial modeling and company valuation
Drafting of the offer memorandum, sales deck and blind offering.
Identification of potential buyers.
Distribution of "blind offerings" among potential buyers.
NDA signatures and distribution of the sales deck.
Clarifications with potential bidders and negotiation of the Letter of Intent (LOI).
Support in the preparation of "Data Room"
Support in the "Due diligence" process.
Negotiation of the term Sheet.
Support in the drafting of contracts.

maximize your company value

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