Digital transformation M&A strategy


Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the process of adjusting existing corporate culture, business processes, and customer experiences to meet the challenges of the digital age.
This process entails a major shift in thinking of the entire organization. It requires the company to obtain talent that can focus on this goal and an environment that will nurture innovation and retain key innovators.


Digitalization – make or buy?

Barriers to entry are shifting radically in most industries. With today’s unprecedented waves of technological innovation, traditional market leaders are becoming increasingly pressured by new competitors with state-of-the-art technology and/or breakthrough business models. 

In order to offset the threat of becoming obsolete many companies are going through an internal process of digitization, often with the help of external advisors.
One of the alternative routes for going forward that has been implemented successfully is digitalization through the acquisition of innovative companies.


Buying innovative companies

A fast route to innovation and digitalization is acquiring companies that can bring the innovation and talent needed for market leaders to compete in the digital age.
Bondo Advisors is a tech M&A firm run by seasoned tech entrepreneurs that understand the space and the nuances of creating the conditions for start-up entrepreneurs’ to innovate within a larger corporate group or a family run business.
We work fundamentally with medium size companies and family run businesses seeking to digitalize, adapt to market changes, and boost their product or service line through the acquisition of innovative companies.
We will assess digital needs, scout for companies that fit the profile, participate in the due diligence, and negotiate deal structure and term ensuring the long-term commitment of the founders with the success of the digital transformation mission.