Lleida.net hires Bondo Advisors for the search of potential inorganic growth targets

Lleida.net has hired Bondo Advisors to identify and negotiate possible acquisitions of companies that could add value to its inorganic growth plans, as reported by the technology services company on Thursday.

The listed company assures that one of its key strategies for the coming years is the possible purchase of companies, worldwide, that fit with its business model.

“In addition to betting on internationalization and intellectual property, we are open to the possibility of acquiring companies that fit with our business model, are attractive to the market, and add value to the industry,” stressed the CEO of Lleida.net , Sisco Sapena.

Bondo Advisors is an M&A advisory firm that focuses on mergers and acquisitions in the technology, internet and media sectors. It is directed by Joshua Novick, Fernando Garate, Pablo Pérez García-Villoslada and Jesús Mera.

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